Why The Caged Bird Sings?


Often, I sit next to the netted window 
In my humble home with spirit low. 
To ruminate in the cosmic night: dulled and lulled, 
The reveries of time past in mind, welled. 
As a prisoner surveys his quarters, I have mine, 
Ventured every nook to avoid slow time. 
There’s the water jug, here my pens and books All read, 
with distant lands and magical brooks. 
I have travelled so much in mind 
But my legs are hungry now I find. 
I am the caged bird in my nest 
I can fly free but must conquer Time’s test. 
I know the resident to sky, 
I wait and I’ll tell you why. 


So that my friend who confined too, 
in that castle Find my face lost through discoloured pastel, 
The laughters unlaughed and smiles forgotten 
The walks unwalked in monsoon lanes trodden. 
Only that again, we may laugh brighter. 
In the freedom of sun to smile tighter.
Hands in hands and sing the summer songs 
To run and yelp as my heart longs. 
With no one to tell ‘Distance!’ and lies, 
Or mistake one under shrouded guise. 
To let this Present be past, 
For the span in cocoon does not last. 
You must have heard the proverb so kind: 
‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ 


I know why the caged birds sing: 
Because there is the unconquerable will left. 
I know why I think, the saddest and merry times, 
For I am. 
I know why I breathe, 
For I am 
I know why I sing, 
For I am. 

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This is Romeo Peter Periera, a student of St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, scholaring English Literature at a post graduate stage. My interests include film reviewing, writing, debating among others. Modernist Literature is where I am invested in and seek to excel it. A million minds, a billion ideas, a trillion criticisms - I say, yet lets live by, I believe.

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