Seasons and My Heart

The sun peeps through the broken panes of my soul
It illuminates your image
The soul revels in its honour 
Showers everlasting gratitude to the almighty for
That rare chance of being your lover
Your everything.

Monsoon comes,
Quenches the thirst of this tattered and scalded earth,
The first droplets of that refreshing shower 
Wet me with your essence
The purification is complete
The eternal lover gets rejuvenation
Amidst the crushing constraints
Of claustrophobic drudgery.

Autumn... Falling leaves
Signs of imminent ageing prevails
In that breath of dry chill
That carries the message of
Winter knocking at my door
I perceive the tingling that my spine felt
When I first glanced at you...

Desolate, gloomy, vague
Deadness prevails in every nook and cranny
The earth seems to be dormant ... Never to rise as if
I cling to my corner desperately seeking warmth and snugness
Waiting for some miracle
To dispel this deadness, this pall of gloom,
Then I think of you...
And a single ray of sunshine shoots through my mind
Reviving it filling it to the brim with new hope
New desires, new promises
And I, the crushed, the dejected, the rejected soul
Look forward to another spring to add a myriad of colours
To my pale palette.

I seek you
Everywhere, in every small things and the substantial ones
You never disappoint,
Your lover revels in your essence
Bathes in your fragrance,
To be ready for the challenges, the cruel steel traps of the world and it's humanity....
"The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Renaissance" 

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