Law and Legalities

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Abortion rights advocates display their feelings about the recent leak of a Supreme Court draft that overturns Roe v Wade. Susan Ruggles from Milwaukee, USA Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Defend Roe v Wade 0003 (52061674846).jpg [[File:Defend Roe v Wade 0003 (52061674846).jpg|Defend_Roe_v_Wade_0003_(52061674846)]] May 7, 2022 2,890 × 2,168 image/jpeg

What is Roe v. Wade and how does overturning it affect abortion rights?

A body, irrespective of how we identify when concerned about sex, place one particular idea crystal clear; Health and growth. …

Financial Fraud and its Regulations in India


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SWIFT, Sanctions and Opportunities for Russia

On 21st February 2022, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a presidential decree recognising independence of separatist regions of …


Social Science

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Bad Faith, Media and Consent in Democracy

Is it an appropriate time to extend democratic rights to all the citizens of India? Should we impose certain reasonable …

Military and Defence

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Hacker stealing password and identity, computer crime

Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security

INTRODUCTION “Cyberwarfare refers to the use of digital attacks like computer viruses and hacking by one country to disrupt the …

International Relations

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Andrey Bezrukov

“Either you live with a bomb next door or you do something about it.” – Excerpts of the interview with Prof. Andrey Bezrukov

Excerpts of the interview given by Prof. Andrey Bezrukov, Professor at the Department of Applied International Analysis, Moscow State Institute …

Ukraine, UNO and Global Anarchy

Literary Works

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Urban Aesthetics: Wrapped Objects III

Urban Aesthetics: Wrapped Objects III

(Critical Review) A cognitive spotlight on the dogmas and dearth that revolve around the social strata. The nature of humans …