Adorn My Midnight Darkness


Adorn my midnight darkness with the love you keep ,
Recite the story Apuleius wrote of Cupid and Psyche
Fly me to where erotica prevail and read me the love of Greece
Tall oak and fresh maple I see, seek you, I crave your wrap
Read me what authors and gods say.
Wake up the next day to drink some ecstasy’s potion first
O busy foole!-Don’t bring the scorched heat down
Little kids and their happy dales , sick summer they hate
Utter the unheard story stick with the stars and the winter days ,
The gentle swishing autumn’s tune  and leaves , melodies of its birds
Love me , get bridged with me, the way this world does
And read me all the rare tune that Lapland Longspur sung.
Sweet things that our passion poems rhyme, are rarest out of all
Play the flute , help me listen to the rarest grooves
Take me to the Arizonian red rocks , make the few and far summer breeze
Touch my cheeks that are getting dry, join my bed 
When goodnight sleep flies away to some viper vales,
Calm me down , bring some sleep , I long a worthy pillow talk and  tactile tales.
Make my nineteen years worth living,  give it all the fair loving.
Our mingling, put all my pain away, just you and your love. 
Write you some songs and sonnets , letters and love to you
Forever be mine , I am yours truly. Now its March , 
You see what the midnight moon brings you, go conspire
Gift me some elixir dripping from her warm belly 
I am her daughter , ask her nourish my dry hair, 
I am yours faithfully. 
Get into my hair, tell me how healthy she made it, 
You're my science, I am your poem . Help me draft a theme of love 
Forever and ever- 'gainst of all sick odds, possibly to fight right. 
Make me see the lilac dreams, and bless my belly 
How about never ending talk on bed and pillow? 
Give it all to me, you're my science , I am your poem.


Gift me a blue rose, you're my September blessing 
Talk soft, kiss slow, I am an addict. 
O dear prince, imprison me in your love, 
Plant the garden again, flowers in your garth 
Smell so sickly lush, pour honey more, 
Know it, I am an addict. 
Where to sit quiet? - Find the place for eternity's sake , 
Where they'd bury us? - Find the place for love's sake. 
See the sea, I see love's sea in your eyes, 
Let me be into it, O my boy. 
Bring me a Picasso painting, candles
On the night we make love, 
Faith and love , see the moon for hours 
Play jazz, shush but- a heavenly pause 
A love clause and your sweet nothings
Fair dress I'd wear to wed you, tell me when.
Give me what I am not able to touch, 
I am falling again, catch me, abide by love
Let me touch that cloud I see, up, up , there 
Read me the old Latin manuscript, and everything
Enlighten me , make me see all the darkness this world hold, 
Light my world up with the sweet and dark little secrets of yours, 
I look at you at night, I see you in my dreams
I see you, I see truth. 
Where do we belong? -  flood my shore with your love's waves.
Tell me what the rare dawns say, take me to orchard, 
And happy carnivals of France and Greece, 
Aye-  fly with me to that rare mountain 
And dive to the sea bed and kiss it , 
See what tired west light compose 
I see dove flying back to her nest tired - 
Take to me orchard and happy carnivals.

-Suchetana Biswas 

"The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Renaissance" 

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