Coin Operated

A sweet saga of inner Desire, Innocence and Passion.  

There is no better phrase for achieving everything you would like and spending money on something great that you love and since you are not here forever, do all you want. During our lifetime, we strive to achieve food, shelter, and clothing in order to maintain our basic needs.  However, we lose ourselves in the process. Often, society, family, or other factors prevent us from fulfilling our dreams, sometimes causing us to give up. In spite of this, the bravest give their dreams a chance. Sometimes, they need to have a rebellious attitude to achieve their dreams. The whole point of living is not just to survive, but to live life to the fullest.  

Recently, animation films have employed a formula that incorporates emotional elements and reflective messages about society. Despite the similarities, the film portrayed scenes and context differently and has different layers. As the film opens, a space shuttle is seen in the sky,  which gradually cinematically transfuses into a young boy holding it. As a metaphor for flying high, the director uses the sky as a visual representation of the film’s overall structure. The background score of the film gives you a psychological dimension as well as a change in your spatial and temporal perception. Although you will be immersed in the story for the whole five minutes, you will be able to connect with the character. Dreams and passions bring one closer to reality, taking him on a rollercoaster ride.  

In the film, the visuals become so compelling that you realise there are no dialogues.  Nevertheless, the film delivers a strong message in both a creative and excellent manner. This film speaks about the value of passion, dreams, and the motive of life. It is beautifully reflected allegorically, metaphorically and off course in simple subtle way. Occasionally, inspiration comes from society, but by standing against it, we are able to turn those inspirations into passion. As the film points out, we only have one life, and we ought to live it fully! As a conclusion, I will quote a famous dialogue from a Hindi film called Anand, “Babumoshai zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin!”

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