What does a Joe Biden Administration mean for the future of Iran’s Nuclear Deal?

Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, and the UK, known as E3 met on 23rd November 2020 to discuss the future action plan Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA). They met in the aftermath of the US Presidential Election which fared against the incumbent President Donald Trump.

Recent efforts of European Super Powers regarding JCPOA gives a clear signal that European parties to the agreement still want this deal to be successful.

While Europe was trying to reduce the security threat from a nuclear program of a radical nation, the US had varied plans with this deal. Trump declared US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal on May 8th, 2018. Europe responded with strong joint condemnation. The US withdrawal from the agreement gave Russia and Iran more freedom and opportunity to meddle in the internal matters of several middle east nations using proxies. Anticipating this, Europe warned Iran to refrain from such ventures, to which Iran replied with stark silence.

Now Europe is again hoping that a new administration in the USA headed by Joe Biden will help them all seal a deal with Iran. Joe Biden in the course of his campaign has made his intentions clear that the USA will rejoin the Nuclear Deal as soon as he takes office as the President of the United States. International experts believe that bringing Iran back to the tables for a talk will be a rigid process.

Biden – Harris campaign strongly believes that the US can re-enter the agreement and prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. President-Elect Biden also believes that by re-entering the deal, the US can reduce Iran’s other destabilizing activities in the region. Joe Biden also accuses President Trump of pushing the Middle East to a full-fledged war, by withdrawing from the deal.

While it is clear that President-Elect Joe Biden wants the USA to re-enter the agreement, Iran is also halfheartedly willing to accept the terms and conditions of the deal. Iran made its intentions very clear by stating that once the US lifted the sanctions on them, Iran will automatically re-enter the agreement.

President Hassan Rouhani to the left and President-Elect Joe Biden to the right
President Hassan Rouhani and President-Elect Joe Biden

The Flag of USA and the Flag of Iran
The Flag of USA and the Flag of Iran

Recent multilateral meetings in Europe regarding JCPOA indicates that they will urge the Joe Biden Administration to lift the economic embargoes on Iran, to save a Nuclear Deal vital for the future of the Middle East and the whole world.

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